John Cosgrove

John Cosgrove was born and raised in Whangaparaoa, New Zealand.

After the death of his close friend, John sold his health and wellness

company and embarked on a journey through the Americas, learning

of beliefs around death through other cultures and their ancient rituals in

research for his manuscript THE BLACK SPACE BEHIND OUR EYES.


Over the last sixteen months, John has continued traveling the world,

putting the finishing touches on his manuscript, including two professional

edits. He and his wife have also dedicated their travels to working with

charity organizations around the planet, including sea turtle conservation

in Costa Rica, reforestation and tribal projects in the Amazon Rainforest,

and human trafficking cessation in South East Asia.


In 2020, their travels will take them through India, the Middle East, and

Africa. They have developed a social media following through their

volunteer efforts and travel blogs. John is currently seeking publication for

his completed manuscript. 




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