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John Cosgrove

Following his close friend’s death, John sold his physiotherapy practice in

New Zealand and embarked on a journey through the Americas,

researching his debut manuscript, The Black Space Behind Our Eyes.

John put the finishing touches to his manuscript while working with charity

organizations throughout Central and South America, including sea turtle

conservation in Costa Rica, reforestation projects in the Amazon Rainforest,

and schooling projects in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, John’s planned 2020 travels from

Southeast Asia to Africa were put on hold. After purchasing a property on

25-acres of native forest in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, he and his

wife, Nicole, are now focusing their attention on the reforestation, protection

and development of this land, which they plan to turn into an eco-
retreat designed to bring guests back to nature and themselves.

When John is not writing, travelling, or working, he spends his time surfing,

meditating, and practicing yoga.



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