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Disjointed Triangle
Winner of Book Pipeline's 2020 Unpublished Competition, THE BLACK SPACE BEHIND OUR EYES is a coming-of-age tale about a young atheist attempting to understand death through an array of Latin culture, shamanistic practices, and like-minded seekers. The book is now in development stages with a publisher in New York, alongside being converted into screenplay format with the hopes of being converted into film.
Before the death of his best friend, Art Cassidy promises to do everything in his power to answer
his final questions on death, life, and God. As an atheist, Art is unsure of where to turn, and in a
desperate attempt to find answers, buys a one-way ticket from New Zealand to the Americas,
seeking an ancient, indigenous tea, brewed by Amazonian tribesmen, said to give the drinker
a glimpse beyond death’s veil and answer any question asked of it.
From California to South America, Art clutches to his slipping sanity in a pilgrimage, as
radical inwards as it is outwards. But, when his life falls into the hands of narcotics traffickers
in Nicaragua, Art must decide whether to abandon his friend’s spiritual quest for the safety
of his home islands, or run the gauntlet to the Amazon Rainforest, conquering his greatest
fears and answering his deepest questions.
THE BLACK SPACE BEHIND OUR EYES is a reflection on what it means to be human, 
exploring consciousness, spirituality, and culture, illuminating our greatest fears and
the freedom that lies beyond them. 

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